Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee
This agreement is made this ______________ day of____________________________, 20_____________
and is between the breeder(Seller) and the buyer as named below:



BUYER ADDRESS:____________________________________________________________________________________________
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BUYER PHONE#:_____________________________________________________________________________________________

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The buyer agrees to obtain, in person, from the Seller the following puppy:

SEX:__________________________ DOB_____________________________________ COLOR______________________________



AKC/CKC LITTER #:____________________________________________________________________________________________

MICROCHIP #:________________________________________________________________________________________________

FOR THE AMOUNT OF: $_______________________________________________________________________________________

1.  _________The Seller certifies that puppy is in good health, has been vaccinated and dewormed according to the accompanying Health  Certificate at the time of sale.

2. _________The Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice, and at their own cost, within three business days of purchase. If the puppy is found to be unfit for sale, Seller will provide Buyer with a replacement puppy from another litter or a full refund of the purchase price of the puppy only.

3. ________The Buyer agrees the puppy may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the Buyer takes possession of the animal. Additionally, a veterinary finding of intestinal or external parasites is not grounds for declaring the puppy unfit for sale unless the puppy is clinically ill because of that condition. Buyer must provide proof of findings to seller. Seller reserves the right to have puppy re-examined by a veterinarian of Seller's choice. On the contrary, if Buyer's veterinarian finds the puppy fit for purchase, then Seller no longer assumes responsibility for the puppy's  immediate health and paragraph 2 of the Health Guarantee is considered satisfied.

4. ________Seller guarantees congenital or hereditary disorders that adversely affect the health of the puppy for one year from puppy's purchase date. If Buyer's licensed veterinarian diagnoses such disorder, proof must be sent to Seller immediately. In the specific case of Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), findings MUST be provided in the form of documentation from PennHip or OFA, not simply Buyer's veterinarian. Seller reserves the right to have puppy re-examined by a veterinarian of Seller's choice. If confirmed, Seller will provide Buyer with a replacement puppy from another litter or a full refund of purchase price only. Without the proper paperwork requested above NO refund will be provided.

5.________Buyer agrees to avoid extended periods of physical activity, such as strenuous play, forced running for any distance, jumping, excessive stair use, running aside bicycles or rollerblades, or allowing puppy to become overweight before puppy is fully mature (approximately one year old). Such activities can impede proper bone and joint growth and lead to non-hereditary CHD and other self-inflicted joint problems. If CHD/joint problems are diagnosed and found to be caused by such activities it will not be covered by the One Year Health Guarantee stated in paragraph 4.

6.________Buyer has been informed of future puppy vaccinations due, along with dewormings, and agrees to have them done on time to protect the health of the puppy. Failure to do so will render this contract null and void.

7.________To be covered by the One Year Health Guarantee in paragraph 4, the puppy must be owned by the person who originally purchased the puppy from the Seller. At all times the puppy must have received proper nutrition, been up to date on vaccinations, regular dewormings, monthly heartworm prevention, yearly veterinarian examinations, and have had a healthy living environment and proper exercise. Treatable skin disorders, any disease or condition brought on by trauma, neglect, stress, or poor nutrition will not be covered. Failure to perform the above routine care will render this contract null and void.

8.________Buyer agrees to limit exposure to dog parks, pet stores, rest areas, veterinary office floors, or other high traffic pet areas until after puppy is 16 weeks old or fully immunized (per Buyer's licensed veterinarian). Failure to do so will render this contract null and void.

9.________Buyer is aware puppy is being sold as a pet and family companion. Seller does not guarantee showing or breeding potential. Furthermore, Buyer agrees to have puppy spayed or neutered prior to breeding age and agrees puppy/dog is never to be bred.

10._______Buyer agrees that they have thought out the decision of purchasing a puppy, and assumes full responsibility for the care and introduction of your new family member into your family. Seller shall never be liable to Buyer or any third party for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in a manner related to the puppy.

11.________If for any reason, other than stated in paragraph 2, Buyer returns the puppy to Breeder there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.

12._______Buyer agrees to never place puppy into any type of animal shelter or rescue group, but return puppy to Seller if they can no longer care for puppy. Seller will not be responsible for any expenses incurred unless previously discussed and agreed upon.

13._______Feeding Schedule: Your new puppy is just like a new baby. You MUST take responsibility for monitoring their eating and drinking in the 1st couple of days following their arrival to your home. Sometimes a puppy can have a very stressful transition into a new home. Your puppy is currently eating Purina Pro Plan Sport dry food. If your puppy seems disinterested in dry food you may add one or more of the following: baked, boiled, or rotisserie chicken (Not Fried!) along with rice or can food. Seller understands what you feed your new puppy is a personal decision, but please keep in mind that diarrhea may occur if food is changed too quickly, which can lead to other serious issues. So,  please if you have a preference in food other than Purina Pro Plan, make the switch gradual over a 2 week period.

14._______Buyer acknowledges Seller does not guarantee size, color, or coat type (including whether puppy is hypo-allergenic or non-shedding), even though Seller has made every effort to determine those attributes.

15._______Buyer acknowledges receipt of Florida Statute 828.29 (a.k.a. Florida Puppy Lemon Law) as an addendum to this contract.

16._______By signing and initialing this contract, Buyer is aware of and agrees to uphold to the terms and conditions herein. Seller makes no expressed or implied warranties or guarantees other than those set forth in this contract of sale and healthy puppy guarantee.



We thank you for purchasing your new family member from Colorful-K9's. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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