Previous Pups
"F2b" Goldendoodle
Bigsby's day at the beach!!
      "F1" Goldendoodle
"Annie"  "F1"
"F1" Chocolate Labradoodle
"Cody"  F1b Goldendoodle with Mom Miriam. What a handsome boy!!
"F2b" Goldendoodle Pup
"F2b" Goldendoodle
Haddy "F1" Goldendoodle
"F2b" Goldendoodle
 "F1" Labradoodle
Marley "F1" the day he went home then exactly 1 yr later. What a BIG Handsome Boy!! Thank you so much Laura & Keith. Check Marley out on for more great pics.
More great pics of Marley!
"F1" Goldendoodle
"Ginger" F1b Goldendoodle
"F2b" Goldendoodle Pup
Spala Family of Doodles "F1"
Teddy Bytnar "F2b" Goldendoodle
     Teddy Vaughan 8 mths 
          "F1b" Goldendoodle
Happy 3rd Birthday Marley!!
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      Sisters "F2b" Goldendoodles
    "Riley"-Cream, "Bailey"- Sable
                           4 mths
"F1b" Mini Irishdoodle Pup
"Islay" F1b Mini Irishdoodle
Tri-Color "F1" Bernedoodle Pups
Bi-Color "F1" Bernedoodle Pup
"Maxwell" F2b Goldendoodle
Black with White "F1" Bernedoodle Pup
Stalling's girls after a nice day at the spa!!
        "Georgie"                        F1 Tri Bernedoodle
Marley and Oliver 2018
     F2b Goldendoodle

"F2b" Goldendoodle
   "F1b" Irishdoodle
             "F1b" Goldendoodle
Played too hard . I need a power nap!!
"Misty" Goldendoodle
         "F1b" Goldendoodle
"Tilly" enjoying his Birthday Cake!!
"F1" Tri Bernedoodle
Happy 1st Birthday Maya!!
  "F1" Tri Bernedoodle- 65 lbs
     Happy 1st Birthday- Beau!!
    "F1" Tri Bernedoodle- 95 lbs
Dugdale Family- What a handsome Big boy!! "Ralphie"-F2b Goldendoodle and "Ruby"- F1b Goldendoodle pup #2