Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle Info

Goldendoodle Introduction
The Goldendoodle, which also has been called a Golden Poo, Goldie Poo or Groodle, is a fairly new "breed" that has been developed in North America and Australia in the 1990's largely as a result of the skyrocketing popularity of its Labradoodle cousin. A first-generation Goldendoodle is a hybrid of a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. While Labradoodles were bred to be guide dogs for the vision-impaired people with dog-sensitive allergies, Goldendoodles have been bred primarily to be family pets, although they can also make terrific service dogs. Goldendoodles are wonderful additions to almost any home. They usually have the kind, friendly, trainable, people-oriented disposition of their Golden Retriever ancestors, blended with the natural intelligence and low-shedding coat of the Poodle. First-generation Goldendoodles are highly variable in appearance and coat. Multi-generation Goldendoodles- whose parents both are Goldendoodles, or a Goldendoodle and a Poodle- are much more consistent in type. If well socialized from puppyhood, Goldendoodles usually are great with children, adults, strangers and other pets. Goldendoodles have a life expectancy of 10-15 yrs.
About Bernedoodles
Bernedoodles make great companions and working dogs for families or active people. They are intelligent, reliable and have an excellent temperament with children and other animals. Although they love their play time they are also very social dogs and love to cuddle or just relax as well. 
About Allergies
Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles are low-shedding, so if you and/or your family members are mildly allergic to dog hair, you may have found the perfect pet (aside from fish!). However, if dander and/or saliva are your allergens, any hairy pet who licks their coat may trigger an allergic reaction. If your family has more severe hair allergies, a backcrossed Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle (F1b, F2b) might be the answer for you as the possibility of shedding decreases with this generation.
Standard:  Height over 21 inches, Weight typically over 50 pounds
Medium:     Height 17-21 inches, Weight typically 36-50 pounds
Miniature:  Height 14-17 inches, Weight typically 26-35 pounds
Color and Coat Type
The style of a Goldendoodle's/Bernedoodle's coat is as unpredictable as their size or color. Their coat can be curly, wavy or flat. Whatever the style, their coat is typically full and soft and grows to approx. 4''-8'' and comes in a variety of colors such as White, Cream, Champagne, Gold, Apricot, Red, Tan, Brown, Grey, Silver, Black, Mahogany or any combination of these.

Generations of Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles and the terms to describe them
"F1"  - First Generation Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle
           Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog bred with a poodle
           50% Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog- 50% Poodle
           Most first generation doodles have very mild shedding but some have been known to moderately shed but nothing like a Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog. F1 Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles make a wonderful addition to most families with mild allergies.

"F1b"- F1 back cross Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle
F1 Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle bred with a Poodle
           25% Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog- 75% Poodle
           Most back cross Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles are non-shedding and make a wonderful addition to families who suffer with moderate to severe allergies. Their coat tends to be more on the curly side, but as you can see on our Previous Pups page this can greatly vary. 

"F2" - F1 Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle bred to F1 Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle
           50% Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog- 50% Poodle
           We do not breed this generation in our breeding program at this time.

"F2b"- Second Generation Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle
            F1 Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle bred with a F1 Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle
            37.5% Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog- 62.5% Poodle
            Like the F1b, most F2b Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles are non-shedding, tending to have very nice fleece coats with lots of curls and waves, and make a wonderful addition to families who suffer with moderate to severe allergies.

*** Please see our Previous Pups page to see examples of the coat types we have bred or are currently breeding here at 
Colorful- K9's.***

Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles have the best of their parents' temperament. They are devoted, obedient, kid-friendly and intelligent like both Golden Retrievers/Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, and also have their parents' love of water. They love to play and fetch like their Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog parent. Very patient and easy to train, Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles are social and enjoy the company of other dogs and strangers. They're comfortable with either city or country life, as long as they have your good company.
Moderate exercise is sufficient for a Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle, a daily game of fetch and a long walk. As with any medium to large breed it is important not to over stress their bodies while their bones and joints are still growing, so avoiding strenuous activities prior to approximately one year is recommended. It is important to embrace their social nature and provide them with lots of companionship, since they can be mischievous if they get lonely from long periods by themselves. Grooming is a rare task. A longer-haired Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle will need a good brushing once or twice a week, but a shorter-haired or clipped Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle will only need brushing twice a month.


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